Sunday, February 14, 2021

Memories, EFT Tapping, and Matrix Reimprinting - How It All Changes our Emotional Beliefs

Matrix Reimprinting (MR) has been in play for almost a decade now after Karl Dawson "fell" upon the technique years ago. Because the science behind it is a bit confusing we often say MR changes memories. That is not a correct description.

 EFT and changing memories fallacy article explains what is going on behind our mind's screen when using tapping and MR. 

MR is another technique I use with clients along with EFT. 

There are classes available but taking a LIVE Levels 1 & 2 EFT class is a pre-requisite. 

Remember, EFT is not a substitute for medical or psychological care, so contact your physician when you need this type of help.

Sherrie Rice Smith
Certified EFT Practitioner

Monday, February 1, 2021

Complex PTSD & EFT Tapping

While this article doesn't advocate EFT tapping, this is exactly what we use tapping to resolve emotionally.
EFT, when done well and proficiently, pulls the emotional content out of our hurtful memories. Once the emotional pain has settled, we can begin to process what the trauma means to us. Often we come to realize the emotional events have nothing personally to do with us, but are the painful emotional reactions of others toward us.
Does the resolution happen overnight?
No, it takes time like all healing! But persistence will pay off. Beginning to tap tomorrow doesn't help today, but starting today will most probably help you feel more emotionally stable this time next year!
Are you ready to begin using EFT? Go to my webpage & request the free resources I have available for you there.

Remember, EFT tapping is NOT a substitute for good personal medical or psychological care, so contact your own personal physicians before using EFT.

Sherrie Rice Smith
Certified EFT Practitioner

Friday, January 15, 2021

Memory Reconsolidation and EFT

Yesterday, I posted on Facebook an episode from the "Truth about Cancer" video series that discussed how 70% of "Energy Medicine" is understood in Western medicine terms. Much of it is just plain science!

Here is a small piece of that science:  Memory reconsolidation and memory extinction are part of what goes on subconsciously during tapping and Matrix Reimprinting. Science appears to show we have 10 minutes to 5 hours to change an old memory before our psyche puts it back into our subconscious memory box (hippocampus) as either a more positive or more negative memory.

It appears that as we "talk" about our negative hurtful emotional memories, we more deeply encode them (like learning a new skill - the more practice we get the better we are at doing the new skill), even though the details within the memory may change a bit each time we "tell" that same story. Tapping while reiterating the story seems to do the opposite - it allows the emotional pull contained within the memory to release.

I've repeated this dozens of times:  Dr. Eric Kandel won the 2000 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research that explains we double our neural pathways to a memory for every hour we think about that memory! Every time we recall something emotionally tragic in our life, we exponentially build the brain's nerve cells (neurons) to reinforce the memory AND the perception it produced in our subconscious mind (building a skill!) .  That negativity breeds powerfully more negativity! We are trapped in our own thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, and about others, including our God. Tapping appears to halt this neural growth process nicely! But we often must tap regularly and efficiently.

"Memory extinction" is when an old negative memory no longer has any hurtful pull contained within it when the memory is recalled.

I bring this up now because some of you may see on internet videos that some practitioners have eliminated the Set-up. I did for awhile, but I am now back to using it consistently.

We believe that using the Set-up (Even though this is happening, add in the acceptance or safety statement), begins the memory reconsolidation process, along with shifting toward a positive reframe. A reframe is when we shift our perspective about some memory, even though the memory and facts contained with it stay the same. Reframes are personal and come organically within a tapping session as our painful emotional angst around an event begins to lift and forgiveness starts to settle in. Sometimes, as Cathy Reiling says, forgiveness begins with us just "allowing" an event to exist in our memory. We know it happened, but we can do nothing to change it, so as we tap we just "let it be". We stop fighting the memory (what we resist, persists - Carl Jung, I think); we let it exist without having any emotional attachment to it.

It is a bit like "co-existing" with a crabby neighbor or in-law. We cannot control their behavior, but by tapping we can change our perspective, allowing the bad feelings their behaviors produces in us just slide off us, like eggs in a teflon skillet!

Our hurtful memories release with tapping, permitting our emotional perspectives around the memory/event to change with it. Often with the emotional release, our behaviors and habits wrapped up in the painful perspectives change with it. Subconsciously we give ourselves permission to act and believe differently - and that different most often has a positive, helpful bend to it!

"Memory reconsolidation is the brain’s natural, neural process that can produce transformational change: the full, permanent elimination of an acquired behavior or emotional response. It is the brain’s innate process for fundamentally revising an existing learning and the acquired behavioral responses and/or state of mind maintained by that learning. (Ecker, 2015)."

Here is a more indepth article.

Remember EFT is not a substitute for good medical advice or care, so please consult your own personal physician when medical or psychological help is needed.

Sherrie Rice Smith
Certified EFT Practitioner

Thursday, January 7, 2021

EFT for Christians Facebook Discussion Group

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Friday, January 1, 2021

Old Neural Pathways and Tapping

This article, although it does not say this, is another reason EFT works so well.
We tap, breaking down the old negative neural pathways, ones that block our life, leaving us feeling stuck, allowing God's created brain clearing mechanism to then "carry out the garbage" so to speak as we sleep.
Our brain gets a good housecleaning as we rest! Boy, I wish my house had this ability, too!
So, tap negatively, clear out the clogged up neural pathways, and let God clean up some of the mess!

Remember, EFT is not a substitute for good medical advice, so please contact your own personal physician when medical or psychological help is needed.

Sherrie Rice Smith
Certified EFT Practitioner

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Epigenetics and Tapping

Epigenetics - have you ever heard the term? I wrote a a chapter on "Generational Curses" in the EFT for Christians book, Tapping into God's Peace & Joy, but it appears there is so much more going on here around "generational trauma". Exodus 34:6-7 is one set of the "sins of the father's" verses, among others. These incidents may not be "sins" per say, but trauma experienced decades or centuries ago by a family member.

Don't confuse these ideas with "past lives" as that is not what this is or what I am talking about here. There are studies, few done on humans because we live way longer than mice and nematodes (!) that show the memories live in the body anywhere from 3 to 14 generations after an ancestor experiences an untoward event IF the trauma hasn't been processed. Most of these studies looked at how traumas are transferred via male sperm because sperm are easier to study than female ovum. These types of traumas can be processed with EFT tapping and Matrix Reimprinting, the other EFT technique many of us use.
Bottom line here is some of our personal emotional issues simply may not even be our own, but DNA/RNA markers carried on our genes, as an unpleasant gift from one of forefathers or foremothers. The DNA doesn't change, but it does get a "marker" attached to it.
And using EFT tapping to thoroughly process the negative events/memories/feeling you experience could well save countless future generations the PAIN YOU ARE FEELING TODAY.

Give your kids a gift - tap and let the old stuff go!!
EFT is not a substitute for medical care, so please consult your physician first before using tapping on any medical or psychological condition.

Sherrie Rice Smith
Certified EFT Practitioner
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Monday, December 7, 2020

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