Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Emotional Pain Sticks to US

It’s indeed a bit like treating the symptoms vs. treating the cause. The “symptoms” are our emotional angst and possibly physical issues. The underlying “cause” (disease) is our trauma, big stuff or lots of little stuff, hurtful memories, and disturbing events in our life. Those emotional “causes” stick around in our cells where our unconscious mind puts them, completely unknown to us. Our cells can be equated to a house attic, storage unit, old barn loft, etc. We stuff items in any or all of those places, forgetting about them, until sometime possible catastrophic happens and NOW we have to deal with the stored up junk. Emotionally it’s the same thing. Bad stuff happens, we “get over it” (time doesn’t heal all wounds, sorry, folks!), move on and THEN our body starts yelling and our emotions begin to flare, forcing us NOW to deal with the past - all those things we stuffed in our emotional attic, barn, and storage unit. Tapping BEFORE we accumulate all that junk keeps the “storage” unit of our unconscious mind clear, clean, and uncluttered! Tap, tap, tap! Sherrie Rice Smith Certified EFT Practitioner Author of EFT for Christians 5 Book Series

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Early Infant Attachment and EFT

DR. AIMIE APIGIAN “Whatever the degree of regulation we achieved through relationship in the first 6 months of life is the degree that we will be able to connect with others and want to connect with others. The degree to which regulation did not happen through regulation in relationship with our mother reflects the degree that our system had to rely on the freeze response for state control. Attachment is the degree of internal regulation (or dysregulation) that we experience in authentic and intimate relationships to ourselves, others and the world.” Here again EFT tapping is often quite helpful! Sherrie Rice Smith Certified EFT Practitioner Author of EFT for Christians 5 Book Series

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Trauma and Memory Holes

Trauma sends our hippocampus (mind's historian that keeps track of events and time) off-line. The trauma is so hurtful the mind simply shuts it down! Trauma also shrinks the hippocampus up to 25-30%, particularly when one has post-traumatic symptoms, so it makes sense that many of us have big memory holes! The hippocampus comes on-line about age 2-3, if I remember correctly, but our amygdala (alarm center) is present in utero; therefore, we have alarms ringing in our mind before we have processes to figure out what is going on. It amazes me how much tapping we practitioners do on VERY early memories, some of them we swear happened before we were born, and as a practitioner, we just go with whatever the client brings to the tapping table. Sadly, science clearly shows us that we carry around so much epigenetic trauma from our ancestors! It's no wonder some of us are so burdened down with emotional stuff! Anyone have a tapping story to share around any really, really early memories? We'd love to hear them! Sherrie Rice Smith Certified EFT Practitioner Author of EFT for Christians 5 Book Series

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Early Childhood Trauma Tapped

DR. AIMIE APIGIAN “For the first 6-7 months of life, a baby still believes it is physically connected to their mother. This is why by themselves, they become dysregulated. Separation from a biological mother for any length of time in the first 2-3 years of life is traumatic. The earlier the separation, the earlier the trauma impacts and imprints feeling unsafe and insecure into the developing nervous system. The social standard of moms to receive 6 weeks of maternity leave is a very common reason for unknown attachment trauma. This will result in the features of the earliest shock to an infant’s system, the Connection- Attachment NARM style, which happens with an infant experiencing inadequate regulation during its first 0-6 months and having to adapt with the dorsal vagal freeze response. (1) 1. Schore, A. N. (2008). Right brain affect regulation: An essential mechanism of development, trauma, dissociation and psychotherapy. PsycEXTRA Dataset.” Sherrie Rice Smith Certified EFT Practitioner Author of EFT for Christians 5 Book Series

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

EFT Tapping - God's Invention

“Our mind forgets what our heart refuses to remember.” And there is where our emotional pain tends to begin. Forgotten consciously; remembered unconsciously, driving our thoughts, actions, & physical sensations, controlling our very life. ……..until God’s EFT tapping enters our confined, limited space. And our Lord busts us out of that prison by His own healing invention! Sherrie Rice Smith Certified EFT Practitioner Author of EFT for Christians 5 Book Series

Monday, September 18, 2023

Persistent Emotional Pain

“….persistent symptoms, in fact, can start innocently enough but go on relentlessly-a cold that leads to a lingering cough, a stomach bug that leaves you with a long-term aversion to the food you ate just before getting sick; or a sports injury in which the pain continues after it’s allegedly healed, and there’s no pathology to support it. But once the initial cause of the symptoms passes, there is a new spark that fuels them. And for many people, the spark is a rising level of what I am going to label as ‘discomfort’ - a discomfort that creates a NEW NETWORK {my emphasis} in the brain and body that continually feeds the symptoms. Amazingly, this level of discomfort flies below their mental radar until a symptom crescendos and takes root.” Page 7. “Your Survival Instinct is Killing You” by Marc Schoen, Ph. D. Note: we create an emotional trigger that turns physical and the brain creates an entire new “story” around that issue or symptom, just like a group of old men embellishing fish stories around the dinner table! Once that “tale” is in place, the nerve pathways in the brain dig it in deeper and permanently. Good luck changing that because most likely you consciously don’t even notice……and now you’re stuck! Enter EFT. God’s brain changing technique. What issue/thing/event in your life bugs you? A lot? What happened 6-12 months prior to this ”new” thing popping up in life? That prior event that just came to mind would be the “thing” I’d start tapping on and chatting with Holy Spirit about! There’s your beginning point! Sherrie Rice Smith Certified EFT Practitioner Author of EFT for Christians 5 Book Series

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Stimulating Acupuncture Points

Did you know that stimulation of pressure receptors (acupuncture points) releases neurotransmitters oxytocin (also a hormone), dopamine, and serotonin. This stimulation also reduces stress hormone cortisol and its precursor hormone ACTH (adrenocorticotropic), increases vagal nerve actions(parasympathetic or relaxation), helps neuroplasticity in body’s sensory organs, and restores internal organ functioning? All this helps us to experience contentment, comfort, joy, peace, and happiness! What a God we have! He created all of this for you to access and we access it by using EFT tapping! Sherrie Rice Smith Certified EFT Practitioner Author of EFT for Christians 5 Book Series