Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Brain Waves When Tapping YouTube Video

Oh, my, goodness, look what I found! What a wonderful YouTube Video!
I've always taught that 3 rounds of EFT tapping will drop one into a meditative alpha-theta brain wave state.
Looks like it might well be faster - less than 1 round!
This, my dear friends, is precisely why you should consider EFT tapping!

Our body HEALS in these lower brain wave states!

And looking at Dr. Stapleton's brain wave pattern, I would like to suggest that because she does tap often her brain wave states now drop quickly with just a few taps.

I've been "accused" of tapping too much! Really? Why would I not want to remain in a healing state for as long as possible for as much as possible? Thank you, Peta! Bring on the scientific research!

Remember, EFT is not a substitute for good medical care, so please contact your own personal physician when you need medical help.

 Sherrie Rice Smith
Certified EFT Practitioner

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

EFT for Christians Facebook Group

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Monday, December 30, 2019

EFT for Christians Video # 37: Personal Tapping Session Example

Often I get requests asking to SHOW how to do Christian EFT.

I've recorded short personal tapping session here as an example.

Any questions? Email me!

Blessings in our Lord Jesus to you & your family!


Sherrie Rice Smith
Certified EFT Practitioner
Author of EFT for Christians Advanced  (2017)
Author of EFT for Christians 52 Tapping Devotions (Christmas, 2017)
Author of EFT for Christians Devotions (Christmas, 2020)

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Friday, December 13, 2019

Just Tap!

Awhile ago some long time EFT practitioner accused me of tapping too much.

I took that to heart....for a short while, wondering if there was something wrong with just tapping to tap.

Now, I'm an indefatigable tapper, as are many other Christians I know!

Why?  If, as the research now shows, an hour of tapping just to tap lowers cortisol levels 24% at least, why not tap?

All of us could use lower cortisol levels!  We know high cortisol is NOT a good thing.  It hardens our arteries, wears out our heart, causes tons of diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Tapping isn't just lowering cortisol though. It also lowers many of the other chemicals in our bodies that contribute to these same above problems.

I tap when I pray, I tap when I do my devotions, I tap in church, I tap while I drive,  I tap while I watch TV or a movie, I tap while I walk. I just tap.

God instilled in us an amazing healing capacity, so why not use it?  If God put that mechanism in there, He must have done so to help us.

Join me!  Tap!

Remember, EFT is NOT a substitute for medical care.  Take responsibility for all of your own personal medical needs. Call a doctor when you think you must do so.

Sherrie Rice Smith, R.N. (Retired)
Certified EFT Practitioner
Author EFT for Christians series on Amazon

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Fight, Flight and Freeze Response

I found this article on Dr. Mercola's site that explains what is going on in the background when abuse happens. I thought to share it. 
"The basic idea is that when trauma occurs, whether the injury is to your body, mind or spirit, two basic processes are activated. The first is the fight-or-flight response, which when activated increases your heart rate and blood pressure. Blood is shunted from digestion into tensing muscles, heart and lungs. Stress hormones are produced to help you fight or run.
While crucial in acute situations of danger, the fight-or-flight response is meant to be turned on and back off quickly. As soon as you’re out of immediate danger, you’re supposed to return back to balance, feeling safe and at ease. Problems arise when we go into fight-or-flight and stay there long after a traumatic event is over.
“Sometimes it’s because the trauma is ongoing. That’s what happens to kids who are in abusive or neglectful situations. But sometimes, we’ve experienced a traumatic event and we’re stuck in that fight-or-flight. It’s like our foot is on the accelerator and we can’t take it off.
So, we become anxious and agitated. We have trouble sleeping, trouble concentrating. We’re impatient with other people, impatient with ourselves. Also, we’re stuck in that past. We replay the images, the images of someone abusing us, someone assaulting us or a boss treating us badly or what happened to us when we were deployed …”

The Freeze Response

The second process activated by trauma is the freeze response. Fight-or-flight is part of the sympathetic nervous system, which is one-half of the autonomic nervous system. The other half of the autonomic nervous system is the parasympathetic nervous system.
“In general, we’re trying to mobilize the parasympathetic nervous system to balance out fight-or-flight,” Gordon explains. “But sometimes, if the situation is so overwhelming and so inescapable, we go into what is called the freeze response, which is mediated and governed by the oldest part of the parasympathetic nervous system, deep in the mid-brain.
We just shut down; we collapse. We put out large amounts of endorphins to protect us against the pain that’s there. We distance ourselves because the trauma is so overwhelming and inescapable. We can’t do anything else except shut down our bodies and close off our minds.
This happens, for example, to children who were abused by their parents, because the abuse is terrible and they can’t get away from it. It happens to people who were assaulted by others who are much more powerful than they are. It happens when we’re raped. It happens in a warzone when we can’t get away and we can’t fight. We’re just overpowered by the situation.”
When these two responses — fight-or-flight and freeze — continue, they are the essence of post-traumatic stress. “One way to look at it is that post-traumatic stress keeps us chained to the past, to the traumatic events, which we keep on replaying in our body and mind,” Gordon explains. “We’re worried it will happen again.”
The essence of healing psychological trauma is to return back into the present moment because, when traumatized, you’re chained to what happened in the past. You worry it will happen again. If you can relax and come into the present, then the trauma starts to dissipate."
Tapping is one of the tools to help us return to emotional homeostasis or neutrality. 
EFT is not a substitute for good medical or psychological care, so please contact your own personal physicians when this type of help is needed.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Are You Ready to Heal? Here's What is Going on in Your Brain!

I want to highlight out a few important points: Please read the article. It explains a lot about why you feel the way you do. It's not your fault, but it is your responsibility to do something about it!

1) "Only a state of non hyper-arousal allows activation of the prefrontal cortex needed for learning and problem solving."
Cathy Corbett Reiling says this about every post she makes! Tapping quiets the body and mind. Only when your mind and body are QUIET can you process your emotional issues. Period.

2) "When those hormones reach a high level, they suppress the activity of the hippocampus and it loses its ability to function. Information that would make it possible to differentiate between a real and imagined threat never reaches the cortex and a rational evaluation of the information isn't possible (Rothschild, 2004)."
I've said this a thousand times. We need tapping because our subconscious mind (SC) has NO concept of time (kinda like God - not saying our mind is God b/c it isn't but it is made in His image, like the rest of us!), so our old emotional stuff isn't truly IN the past tense UNTIL we tap and put it there! This is the work of sanctification. Salvation is FREE, but our work here on earth (sanctification) is to actively DO something to become more like our Savior. Tapping will accomplish that if you do it well and thoroughly!

3) "If a particular stimulus is misinterpreted as a threat, this leads to immediate fight/flight/freeze responses (to non-threatening stimuli). This causes this system to respond to minor irritations in a totalistic manner (Streeck-Fischer & van der Kolk, 2000)."
When we have had trauma, particularly early childhood trauma, we ALWAYS misinterpret everything! We've been programmed to do that. Repetition of hard emotional events ARE learned just like learning your multiplication tables in 3rd grade!! Over and over events are repeated, until trauma is implanted so solidly in our SC we misinterpret minor things in a major way - automatically. We fly OFF the handle at the slightest provocation (and then feel remorseful, sad, guilty, etc. afterwards)!

4) "Research shows that environments of extreme stress lead to increased cortisol levels (Murray-Close, Han, Cicchetti, Crick, & Rogosch, 2008) which can lead to decreased hippocampal volume. Decreased hippocampal volume has been associated with poorer declarative memory which places adults at greater risk of developing PTSD-like symptoms, and is closely correlated with experiences of depression and physical inflammations (Danese, Pariante, Caspi, Taylor & Poulton, 2006)"
Hippocampus, which is our SC's "historian", can go off-line when abuse happens in early childhood. We remember NOTHING - all our memories, both good and bad, are buried. It's a protective mechanism.
Hippocampus shrinks about 35%+ in PTSD like trauma.
Sadly, our SC knows the emotional pain is still all there and runs our life around it. We become sick, depressed feeling, anxious feeling, crabby, act out, etc. and we cannot figure out why we (or our children) do these things.
We do them because our emotional pain has never been dealt with completely. Our body, mind, and soul are screaming for help. We need to tap. We probably should hire a EFT Practitioner to help us process our emotional stuff. We need emotional help and God has created tapping to do just that!

5) "Through this chain of events, violence and abuse pass from generation to generation (Teicher, 2002)."
I've never really said what I am going to say here this pointedly, except in personal conversations. And I may make some people angry when I say this.
Emotional issues are running YOUR life and they WILL run your children's life, too. This stuff IS generational. It is what Exodus 34:7 & Numbers 14:18 say. Your emotional issue may NOT be your fault, but the pain will continue for 3-4 generations. We see it all the time. Scientific research is proving this fact.
Will the buck stop with you? Are you willing to do the work necessary so that your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be FREE to live their lives as our Lord intended in His joy, peace, and freedom?
Are you?

Sherrie Rice Smith
Certified EFT Practitioner
Author of EFT for Christians Advanced  (2017)
Author of EFT for Christians 52 Tapping Devotions (Christmas, 2017)
Author of EFT for Christians Devotions (Christmas, 2019)
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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Come Join EFT for Christians Discussion Group On Facebook

Come Join EFT for Christians Discussion Group on Facebook

This Christian EFT group keeps everyone up to date on the latest EFT trainings, book releases, science articles, research studies, and all things EFT.

Click the link above and ask to join the growing international group of tappers!