Monday, January 15, 2018

Tapping and the Effects of Electrical Activity in our Body - God's Amazing Healing Power

I listened the other day to Lynn Taggart on the Matrix Summit. She was discussing the work of Dr. Robert Becker. I wanted to learn more.

We have a perineural nervous system - it is connective tissue that covers the nerves in our body. Remember, we have connective tissue everywhere covering our body - connective tissue includes muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin, omentum, etc. Connective tissue has quartz crystals in every cell of the DNA. Quartz crystals, or liquidified quartz, is what gives the body its conductivity.

So, when an injury occurs, and I think most of this is physical injuries, why can it not be a trauma or an emotional injury since we put those injuries somewhere within our body, too, with the injury causing the tissue to lose voltage? Damaged tissue has a higher resistance and electricity flows to areas of lower resistance. Higher resistance actually impairs the healing & is probably what causes heat & swelling in an injury.

Some feel chakras are, like acupuncture points, frequency transmitters.

This I want to research further but Taggart said that our blood cells are our 2nd electron conductor system. Is that why thick heavy iron laden blood has propensities to increased clotting a problem? I'm just thinking!

Dr Stephen Sinatra has done extensive research into the "grounding" or "earthing" movement. He believes inflammation is the root of most disease. Reading some of the above info, it sounds like he might have a point. The earth itself is full of electrons from lightning strikes. Walking barefoot provides us an opportunity to pick up these electrons to counter other modern life damage.

Grounding thins the blood improving the "zeta potential". It takes about 80 minutes for the electrons picked up walking barefoot to reach the blood stream.

All the things we do, like eat sugar, smoke, stress, and anxiety thickens our blood, propelling us to a clotting propensity due to inflammation. Grounding causes the opposite effect making the red blood cells repel each other (zeta potential).

When we tap, we are manually tapping electron into our meridians. What is oxidative stress on our body?  Oxidative stress is when our cells LOSE electrons. Those are free radicals everyone talks about. You get enough free radicals coursing through our body disease begins. There is a tipping point in the body where we hit that in degenerative disease, like with our CoQ10 levels, and death will occur, if a miracle is not forthcoming, because the body cannot recover.

7.83 Hz is a natural universe frequency. The body heals between 7-8 Hz. Each tissue has a different frequency. What is the rage of alpha brain waves? 8-12 Hz.  Theta brain wave is lower @ 4-8 Hz. I teach that we drop into low alpha/high theta when we tap. Cerebral blood flow is increased at that brain wave range.

Brain waves are not confined to the brain. We get that because during tapping the entire body relaxes. This is part of that perineural system.

It appears the body has the capacity to send its own healing microamps to the injury (and again why can't that be emotional damage done to the physical?).

Dr. Becker feels that happens via Schwann cells (nerve cells that surround the axon of nerve cells forming myelin sheath and supporting non-myelinated nerves) and glial cells (these cells don't do any conducting of impulses but provide support for rest of nervous system - to me it's the "stuff" in between nerve cells!). Becker believes the acupuncture system maps the glial cells and it all parallels the peripheral nervous system making the acupuncture spots we tap amplifiers of impulses. Meridians are 30-100 micrometer tubules.

Dr. Nordenstrom, who did more research on this idea, believes arterial micro-capillaries can shunt the body's electricity to an injury.

So, does this explain why physical things can heal when we tap?

Could be!

This blurb is copied from the website cited below:

It would be helpful to review the cellular nature of an injury to fully appreciate the importance of Dr. Chang's research. Dr. Becker has shown that trauma will affect the electrical potential of cells in damaged tissues. Initially the injured site has a much higher resistance than that of the surrounding tissue. Basic physics dictates that electricity tends to flow toward the path of least resistance. Therefore endogenous bioelectricity avoids areas of high resistance and takes the easiest path, generally around the injury. The decreased electrical flow through the injured area decreases the cellular capacitance. As a result, healing is actually impaired. This may be one of the reasons for inflammatory reactions, such as pain, heat, swelling and redness. Electricity flows more readily through these hot inflammatory fluids.

The correct microcurrent application to an injured site augments the endogenous current flow and allows the traumatized area to regain its capacitance. The resistance of the injured tissue is then reduced allowing bioelectricity to enter the area to reestablish homeostasis. Therefore microcurrent electrical therapy can be viewed as a catalyst helpful in initiating and sustaining the numerous chemical and electrical reactions that occur in the healing process.

Don't we serve an amazing God???  How did He think up all these different avenues to healing?
Remember, EFT is not a substitute for medical or psychological care. Please consult your own personal physician for all your personal needs.
Sherrie Rice Smith, R.N. (Retired)

Sunday, January 7, 2018

EFT & Neural Connections

"The keys to your brain function are the chemical messengers of mind and mood called neurotransmitters.

Trillions of nerve cells, called neurons, are scattered throughout your body, but are most highly concentrated in the brain {Sherrie's note - some say there are more in the gut than the brain}.

The 'sending' neuron produces the neurotransmitter {of the hundreds of neurotransmitters, the best known are dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, endorphins, & GABA} propelling it toward the 'receiving' neuron, across a small gap called a synapse.

Each neuron, on average, makes more than 1000 synaptic connections with other neurons. In total, there may be between 100 trillion and quadrillion synapses in the brain. Moreover, these synapses are not random but form patterns that give rise to what are called circuits {neural connections or neural pathways} in the brain. These form the basis of behavior and of mental life."

The Addicted Brain by Hyla Cass, M.D. pages 20-21

When we discuss the "generalization" effect in EFT it now makes sense in light of this description. When we tap and break some neural connection, it affects up to another 1000 synaptic connections with other neural circuits or neural pathways.

This is why bad habits or thoughts often disappear on their own when tapping about something else totally unrelated to the topic!

Isn't it amazing what God has done in our bodies when He created us to heal?

Remember, EFT is not a substitute for sound medical care, so please contact your own personal physician for any medical or psychological help.

Sherrie Rice Smith
Certified EFT Practitioner
Author of EFT for Christians Advanced (2017)
Author of EFTforChristians 52 Tapping Devotions (Christmas, 2017)
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Saturday, December 30, 2017

EFT for Christians Video # 22: Stress, Single-mindedness, God & Tapping

Please find another EFT for Christians instructional YouTube video here: EFT for Christians Video # 22: Stress, Single-mindedness, God & Tapping 

Remember, EFT is not a substitute for sound medical or psychological care. Please call your own personal physician and take responsibility for your own emotional and physical health.

Blessings in Christ Jesus!
Sherrie Rice Smith
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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Being Too Busy and Tapping

Why do we keep ourselves so busy? And why do we teach our children to do the same?

Check out the article below.

This is the "stress" that plays underneath in our unconscious mind, creating havoc and busy habits that run our neurotransmitters.

Once the habit is formed, and later the neurotransmitter levels drop even for just a few minutes, we become depressed, antsy, crabby, and anxious.

There must be a happy medium!

Good news is EFT can reset these habits, changing our circadian rhythms to something much more healthy!

Remember, EFT is NOT a substitute for good medical care, so please call your own personal physician if you need that type of help!

Sherrie Rice Smith
Certified EFT Practitioner
Author of EFT for Christians Advanced (2017)
Author of EFT for Christians 52 Tapping Devotions (Christmas, 2017)
Author of EFT for Christians Devotions (Christmas, 2018)
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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christian EFT Tapping Tips

Did you know studies show one hour of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, tapping) drop your cortisol level 24%?

That is a huge drop. Rarely does any technique do this as quickly and as effectively as EFT!

So, that all said, have you considered tapping while watching a movie, listening to a sermon, or during prayer?

If not, I suggest you do consider it.  While EFT is most effective when you tune into the "problem" i.e. feeling about some event, non-thinking tapping still should drop your cortisol level, raising your DHEA level, because your body understands what you are doing.  It's all in the neurophysiology!

DHEA level is what keeps your immune system healthy. Cells go into rest and repair when the DHEA level is up and the cortisol, or stress hormone, is down.

I instruct all my clients to tap as much and as often as they can. We are all under way too much stress in this crazy, fast paced world.

EFT is not a substitute for medical care. Take care of your own emotional and physical health.

Blessings in Christ!

Sherrie Rice Smith, R.N. (Retired)
Certified EFT Practitioner
Author EFT for Christians 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

To Get EFT Certified or Not: Some Ideas

Whether to get EFT certified or not, Sherrie Rice Smith offers her perspective on this topic.

EFT Certification Ideas 

EFT is not a substitute for sound medical advice, so please consult your own personal physician if help is needed. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

EFT & Wellness

Dr. Candace B. Pert, Ph.D., Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d, Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, California, 2006, page 35. Dr. Pert writes:

"'This psychosomatic network requires a new way of thinking about physiology in order to be understood.  In the reigning-paradigm mind-set, the term psychosomatic is used pejoratively, as if symptoms that are psychosomatic are false and don't deserve attention or treatment. After all, they can't be 'real,' because they're all in your mind!

"But in the new view of medicine and wellness, a psychosomatic state is the basis for a fresh approach to healing disease; for feeling well emotionally; and for creating a different, more desirable reality. Yes, your symptoms are in your body, but they are also always in your mind, either consciously or subconsciously. Mind and body are not split in two, so what happens in one occurs in the other, too.  This is the fundamental tenet of what I call the new-paradigm physiology.'"

Rene Descartes (1596-1650) began this dualistic split between spirit and body in the 16th century. Up until that time the Church frowned upon scientists probing the body to find its "secrets". It was pretty much simply forbidden. Because he was a mathematician & scientist, he looked at everything in those terms. Mathematics defined the entire physical world. The physical could be seen, but the mental (emotional & spiritual) could not, and Descartes separated them into two completely different realms. In his mind, neither one had anything to do with the other. If the mental, meaning spiritual, can't be measure then it all fell outside the walls of the scientific castle. It was left to the priests to decide. Scientists wouldn't touch it.

This all worked well for a couple of centuries, as it kept the scientists out of prison for meddling in spiritual affairs of the mind. It also has given us today a very mechanical sort of medicine. Take a pill and all will be well. Most physicians aren't taught, nor have, or take the time today to ask a patient what is going on in their lives, meaning emotionally or spiritually. Thus, we still are suffering the effects of Descartes' philosophy.  It's doesn't seem to be serving us too well anymore.

Illness is more than just a mechanistic breakdown of the body. And the paragraph above from Dr. Pert shows, there is a new approach to medicine. Much more is happening than meets the physical eye. Our emotions and spiritual state do impact our health.  In fact, they probably impact us more than we could ever rightly imagine.

As this new approach and the new scientific evidence continues to mount, it is time we all begin to reexamine our health in light of these new, or resurrected, ideas. Spirit was once part of medicine, back centuries, when the whole man was treated. Unfortunately, centuries ago we didn't have antibiotics or surgery to help heal, as we do now.

Many of the complementary "energy medicine" modalities of today are beginning to reconnect these 2 realms. If the emotional health impacts physical health, why not use both to treat disease? Why not explore & "pull out" any negative emotional events, and then treat what is left of the disease with modern medicine? Sometimes, negative emotional events can also be associated with some spiritual issue, too, like unforgiveness or unconfessed sin. Illness is the effect of sin in our world. Because EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) does ease many physical symptoms because those same symptoms are rooted in emotional/spiritual events of the past, maybe time has come to consider using it in addition to conventional medical treatment?

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Always remember to take complete responsibility for your own health and well-being.

Sherrie Rice Smith
Author of EFT for Christians