Tuesday, December 1, 2020

EFT for Christians Tapping Video #40 - Sneaking Away Technique

EFT for Christians Tapping Video #40 - Sneaking Away Technique explains how to "sneak away" when one runs out of time during a tapping sessions.

Effectively simple!

Remember, EFT is not a substitute for good medical care, so please contact your personal physician when emotional or physical care is needed.
Sherrie Rice Smith
Certified EFT Practitioner

Monday, November 30, 2020

Cancer/Diseases and Epigenetics

As a R.N. I've often thought about this! We know fear generates a ton of internal stress, so fear of death or whatever other stresses (financial, relational, etc.) someone encounters during cancer treatment could potentially mess with any treatment.

We also now understand if one fears GETTING cancer or any other disease (based on family history) is probably enough for gene expression to occur. Simply the stress from fearing a possible disease could be enough to give one the disease!

How many times have we heard a friend say something like this, "My grandmother died of ovarian cancer, my mother now has ovarian cancer, so I guess I will get ovarian cancer?'

That statement repeated often enough could possibly come true! You may not even have an ovarian cancer gene in your body that was going to give you cancer, but repeating the above statement (about anything) could be enough to epigenetically express a cancer gene.

This same idea goes for anything in our lives, not just diseases! "My parents were divorced, so will I", "my grandparents died young, so will I", my sister flunked out of college and she is smarter than I, I can't possibly graduate", etc., etc. are all epigenetic statements of sorts.

Watch what you say in daily life! Tap the negative beliefs away!

Internal stress reduction is imperative, especially the thoughts you simply think about - the ones you keep repetitively telling yourself in your own head!

Remember, EFT is not a substitute for sound medical or psychological care, so consult your own personal physician before using EFT.  Thank you!

Sherrie Rice Smith, R.N. (Retired)
Certified EFT Practitioner         
Author EFT for Christians (2015)
Author of EFT for Christians, Tapping into God's Peace & Joy (2016)
Author of EFT for Christians Advanced (2017)
Author of EFT for Christians 52 Tapping Devotions (2017)

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Christian EFT Facebook International Group

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This Christian EFT group keeps everyone up to date on the latest EFT trainings, book releases, science articles, research studies, and all things EFT.

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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Childhood Trauma & EFT

Dr. Gabor Mate in his book In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts on page 370 writes, "it's not what happened in the past that creates our present misery but the way we have allowed past events to define how we are and experience ourselves in the present.

The greatest damage done by neglect, trauma, or emotional loss is not the immediate pain they inflict but the long-term distortions they induce in the way a developing child will continue to interpret the world and her situation in it. All too often these ill-conditioned implicit ((those held unconsciously) beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies in our lives. We create meanings from our unconscious interpretations of early events, and then we forge our present experiences from the meanings we've created."

Christian EFT is a tool we can use to learn to live in the present moment, allowing those events and memories of the past to integrate into our soul to harmoniously abide with other happier memories. 

Your past does no longer HAVE to drive your future. Call a Christian EFT Practitoner today.

Remember, EFT is not a substitute for medical or psychological help. Take care of yourself and phone your own personal physician.

Sherrie Rice Smith, R.N. (Retired)
Author of EFT for Christians (2015)
Author of EFT for Christians, Tapping in God's Peace & Joy (2016)

Friday, October 30, 2020

Notes and Thoughts on Victim Blaming and EFT

Dr. Stephen Porges has a socialization theory that ties in so well with why EFT works!

Here is one of his articles.

And here are my thoughts and notes based on this article. Please read the above article and then check out these notes.
Immobilization =freeze reaction = trauma. Dr. Peter Levine writes about this, too, because it is in the freeze response that the trauma gets "stuck" in our nervous system. When we "fight" or flee, we blow off that "energy", often ridding our system of much of it.
When we think we are going to die when attacked, we are flooded with endorphins (think natural morphine), so we are numbed for the possible attack. Endorphins have a relaxing effect in addition to their painkilling effect. The body's biochemical reaction here is really interesting.
In court, women who don't fight off their attackers can be made out to be complicit or "they were looking for it". It's not they didn't want to fight, they cannot fight due to the body's chemical reaction to the attack. Try punching hard when in a semi-sleep relaxed state!
We tap about our perceptions and reactions to the event(s). It's the perceptions, not necessarily the event, that is important and driving our biology. How do we feel about it today? The emotional answer to that question is what fuels our behavior today. Tapping works so very, very well for these memories! When we can pull the emotional content out of a past event, we can heal because the memory then just becomes a neutral, non-biological memory! And that is what tapping does!
We say this often - "trauma to one person is not trauma to another." What bothers one of us doesn't bother all of us. This often is fueled by our own personal history. Chemical biology builds up our experience implanting our perceptions about people, places and things around us. Our reactions to future events is all based on our past epigenetic chemical reactions. These are learned patterns. Not learned in the sense of our thinking brain, but learned by our subconscious mind - learned to keep us safe, a safety as the subconscious mind understands it. The subconscious mind keeps us safe based on past experiences - the subconscious mind isn't interested in whether these "safety" patterns are helpful to you personally in life. Many of our personal habits are safe from a neurochemical perspective, but they still run our life in a disorganized and erratic manner, leaving us feeling stuck and unfulfilled.
A practitioner's job while tapping is to hold that sacred space for the client as they work through the past trauma events. Certified Christian practitioners have been taught skills to keep the client SAFE while doing this work. Unless trained, don't tap big T traumas alone!
ACE score is indeed incomplete. I've said this from the very beginning! Death, medical procedures, natural disasters, accidents, fires, witnessing trauma being inflicted on others, bullying, etc. aren't part of the scoring system. These all can be big T traumas, too.
As practitioners (and even just a friend) we need to listen in an impartial manner without judgment. It's not our life or our trauma when others are telling you their story. Just because we might think that the story is no big deal, it obviously is to the one who experienced it. It's still trauma!
But YOU as the listener can be a huge help in the healing process. The positive social engagement is a big part of this. Connecting with another human being who doesn't judge and tell us "to get over" whatever has happened to us can make all the difference.
Smiling and positive non-judgmental understanding can also deliver oxytocin, a healing/connecting/love hormone, to the one who has experienced trauma.

Remember, EFT is NOT a substitute for medical advice or help, so please contact your own personal physician if medical assistance is needed.
Sherrie Rice Smith
Certified EFT Practitioner

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Christian EFT Goal?

For all of us who were raised on a catechism, we were taught that our job on earth was to glorify God.
Jesus took it another step when He gave us the Greatest Commandment.
Matthew 22:37-40 reads like this, "Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.'”
Note how Jesus words this - Love your neighbor as YOURSELF. This is not a selfish love, but an accepting love. It is a "I'm ok right here, right now" kind of love. So, how do we love ourselves first?
This song tells us how. By having sufficiency in Christ Jesus and His finished work at the Cross, we have all that we need. He carries our load. He fills our heart. He gives us life.
ANYTHING that interferes with any of this is a tappable issue! EFT can get to the bottom of what is keeping us from relying completely on our Lord God for our every need.
No finger pointing here - I'm not there yet either, but I do have a goal and a technique that is moving me in that direction.
Keep tapping! Jesus is the Wellspring of our soul! He loves you. He wants the very best for you. EFT is one of our spiritual disciplines!

EFT is not a substitute for sound medical advice or care, so please call your personal physician if you have some medical need.

Sherrie Rice Smith
Certified EFT Practitioner

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Tapping Emotional Triggers EFT for Christians YouTube Video

EFT for Christians presents a video on how to tap on emotional triggers. 

Remember, EFT is not a substitute for sound medical advice or care, so please contact your own personal physician when psychological or physical help is needed.

Sherrie Rice Smith
Certified EFT Practitioner